Grilled potatoes in marinade
05 31 2018
Description of preparation:
I suggest that you learn today how to make potatoes on the grill in the marinade. To do this, you will need young small tubers, then on the outside you will get a crusty crust, and inside - a soft core. The taste and aroma comes out incredible due to the combination of mustard with herbs.


Cook time:
35 minutes


  • Potatoes small - 500 Grams
  • Dijon mustard - 50 Grams
  • Mayonnaise - 50 Grams
  • Parsley, twig - 2 Pieces
  • Garlic - 3 Teeth
  • Thyme dry ground - 2 teaspoons
  • Black ground pepper - 0,25 Teaspoons
  • Salt - 1.5 Art. spoons
  1. Grilled potatoes in marinadeThoroughly wash the potatoes, and then send it to a pot of water. Boil the tubers for 12 minutes.
  2. Grilled potatoes in marinade After that, cool it with running water.
  3. Grilled potatoes in marinadeMake the marinade. Mix mayonnaise, salt, pepper, thyme, finely chopped garlic.
  4. Grilled potatoes in marinade After that, cut the potatoes into halves and cover them in the marinade.
  5. Grilled potatoes in marinade Then bake until the halves are ready on the grill for 3 minutes.
  6. Grilled potatoes in marinadeServe the potatoes with the chopped parsley. Bon Appetit!
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